ODEH Management & Economic Consultancy experienced professionals deliver relevant business and industry insights to our clients. We offer management and financial services, which can help small and medium scale businesses in additions to large corporations, banking and financial institutions.

We understand our client’s needs and are capable of providing business development strategies and highly relevant cost-effective business solutions. In support of these solutions, we provide consultancy, financial information and advice to assist in operating the business successfully. Some of the consultancy services we provide:

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study aims to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats present in the natural environment, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for success. In its simplest terms, the two criteria to judge feasibility are cost required and value to be attained.

The Feasibility Study is an integral part of the business process and is conducted to assist decision-makers to assess and analyze all the implications of the proposed project with a focus on the potential impact, based upon which the organization decides if the project should be implemented or not.

Besides providing an in-depth analysis of a proposed project, its method of development, and cost-benefit factors, the feasibility study also outlines alternatives, highlights new opportunities, and addresses and mitigates matters that could affect the organization negatively.

A feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success; therefore, perceived objectivity is an important factor in the credibility of the study for potential investors and lending institutions.

Policies & Procedures Manuals

Helping client in preparing their Accounting Systems, HR policies and procedures manuals in conformity with the company’s law and government regulations.

Business Valuation

The business valuation team at ODEH Management & Economic Consultancy performs valuations for a wide variety of needs, our clients benefit not only from proven valuation techniques but also from our highly developed business instincts drawn from years of experience.

Our valuation is based on systematic approaches to fact gathering and research and we take pride in our ability to develop proper analytical design, structure, and methodology for your company valuation.

Regardless of size, the dynamics involved in each company valuation are often complex, with strategic, technological, and market-based issues affecting business value and cash flow. We are well versed in the application of business valuation.

Due Diligence

We perform due diligence and business analysis for organizations that are contemplating investments, strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions or those that are looking to enhance organizational effectiveness in an existing business unit or portfolio company.

Our team provides due diligence advice concerning internal and external financing arrangements, corporate governance, risk management, operations, and financial reporting. Since buying or financing companies require an intimate knowledge of financial complexities, ODEH Management & Economic Consultancy can provide the potential lender or acquirer a detailed overview of a company’s quality of earnings, management, operational and financial controls before the completion of the transaction process.

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Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is an indirect tax applied upon the consumption of most goods and services.

VAT is levied by VAT registered businesses which make supplies of goods and services in the course or furtherance of their business. VAT will also apply on the importation of goods.

VAT is levied at each stage in the supply chain and is collected by businesses on behalf of the Government. VAT is ultimately incurred and paid by the end consumer.

Although VAT will apply to most goods and services there are some likely exceptions: this includes basic food items, essential medicines and exports of goods and international services which are expected to be zero rated supplies. Furthermore other supplies such as healthcare, education, sale or lease of residential property and finance and insurance are expected to be exempt from VAT.

VAT registered businesses charge and add VAT to the value of goods and services they supply. Such businesses can also reclaim VAT incurred on goods and services acquired for business purposes (subject to some restrictions) such as the purchase of raw material and other consumables used for the purposes of business. For import, VAT is charged at the first point of entry into home consumption.

Businesses and individuals engaged in any business activity whose turnover exceeds the mandatory VAT registration threshold must register for VAT. Voluntary VAT registration will be optional, where the business turnover is below the mandatory VAT registration threshold of AED 375,000 and more than AED 187,500. Businesses not registered for VAT cannot charge VAT on their sales and cannot claim any VAT incurred on their inputs.

An inherent feature of the VAT is the self-assessment nature, meaning every business which is VAT registered (or required to be VAT registered) must record, assess and report its VAT obligations and entitlements, in accordance with the law, to the tax authorities.

Other requirements of the VAT will include:

  • Mandatory registration for VAT for all businesses exceeding the mandatory VAT registration threshold (AED 375,000).
  • Filing of periodic VAT returns with the tax authorities (either monthly or quarterly).
  • Remitting any VAT payable by a specified date.
  • Record keeping in respect of all business transactions
    • Tax invoices
    • Debit or credit notes
    • Import and export records
    • Records of goods/services provided for free or allocated for private use
    • Zero rated or VAT exempt supplies and purchases.

ODEH & Company with its dedicated VAT team has helped numerous businesses to prepare for the implementation of the new VAT regime by providing end-to-end support tailored to our clients needs.

How ODEH & Company can help you now:

  • Providing tailor-made innovative tax solutions and services. We have the experienced teams in Tax and Consultings who work together in delivering a one stop solution to all of our clients’ needs.
  • Sharing information, experiences and knowledge about the regulatory, economic and business environment.
  • Adopting a flexible approach to working alongside clients, in getting business operations up and running in the dynamic and challenging environments in which the organisations operate.
  • Preparation and reviewing of VAT returns
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IFRS Implementation & Convergence

ODEH Management & Economic Consultancy adopts International Financial Reporting Standards in conjunction with International Accounting Standards (IAS) for the preparation and presentation of financial statements for its clients.

Different countries have developed their accounting principles over time, making international comparisons of companies difficult. To ensure uniformity and comparability between financial statements prepared by different companies, a set of guidelines and rules are used. Commonly referred to as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), these sets of guidelines provide the basis in the preparation of financial statements.

Recently there has been a push towards standardizing accounting rules made by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). IASB develops International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that have been adopted by many countries. Currently, over 100 countries permit or require IFRS for public companies, with more countries expected to transition to IFRS in the coming years.

IFRS are considered principles-based, internally consistent and internationally converged set of standards in that they establish broad rules as well as dictating specific treatments.