The firm commenced its operations in 1998 and has been serving a diversified client base that encompasses trading, manufacturing, contracting, hospitality, and governmental clients. The firm established branches in the Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah in 2009. ODEH & Company is now well established in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and is licensed to provide assurance services.

The firm’s Quality Control Team is devoted to present the public with the highest quality of services while being in full conformity with the applicable professional standards. For instance, the firm provides financial statement audits in accordance with the International Standards of Auditing, at the same time the firm’s management is conscious of the changes that are happening to the profession, so a quality control system has been established to improve the quality of the services we offer

Being committed to obtaining best practices and staying up to date with all industry and regulatory changes, the firm became an active member of INPACT International, a professional body whose members are auditors and accountants from all over the world.

The firm and its branches play an important role in serving the community in which they operate.